The director of the Engineering Department prof. Eugenio Guglielmino who recently passed away, BELIEVED in the importance of the educational-sport projects, which he defined. His passion and availability, especially for students with the desire to design, build and compete in international competitions, was constant.

Teacher of the Machine Construction, Biomechanics and Construction Reliability and Safety courses, Professor Guglielmino has held numerous management positions: Rector's Delegate for Relations with Scientific-Technological Districts from 2018 to 2021, Vice Rector for Student Services from 2014 to 2018 and was also Coordinator of the degree courses in: Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Naval Engineering. Author of over 200 scientific publications and scientific director of numerous research projects, including CERISI (Centre of Excellence in Research and Innovation for Large Structures and Infrastructures), which has made it possible to create laboratories of excellence.

His passion for the sea and educational-sports projects was confirmed in 2022 when he decided to propose a new team, linked to the same passions, which could design and build a green boat and participate in the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, from which the birth of the MEB (Messina Energy Boat) team under the guidance of the Faculty Advisor prof. Vincenzo Crupi.

We will cherish the advice he provided over the years, upholding the values of humility and composure that distinguished him. With our team, we will honor his legacy and strive to elevate the principles he stood for. We commit to doing our utmost to enhance the reputation of the Department of Engineering, just as he consistently did during his years of service at the University of Messina 

For these reasons we in the MEB team have decided to dedicate the name of the boat for the memory of our late professor

This is the Guglielmino boat that compete to the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024