Our goal is to participate in the 11th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge, in 2024. The Monaco Energy Boat Challenge is organized by the Yacht Club de Monaco which, after a careful selection of projects, will allow 17 teams from every corner of the world to participate in the competition, providing a team catamaran, which must be set up in compliance with the regulations and therefore with limits on weight, power output and accumulated energy. 

Project of the boat that participated in the 10th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge


The MEB boat had a propulsion system consisting of: 

  • Traction battery 
  • Service battery 
  • Engine and associated systems 


The entire project was created with Eco-Friendly materials and raw materials in order to minimize CO2 emissions. The design of the tubular aluminum frame had two main objectives: to ensure adequate mechanical response to the expected load conditions and to minimize mass. The structural design was therefore supported by numerical analyses, which made it possible to select, through an iterative process, an optimal configuration, minimizing costs, reducing times and respecting feasibility constraints. The external covering was instead made with recycled sails. Team members, local suppliers and sponsors were involved in the production of the cockpit and its cover, in order to promote a combination of innovation, tradition and sustainability.


Safety is one of the fundamental aspects. Since there are very strong limitations on the total weight, we tried to obtain the best mix in terms of energy/weight/power in order to guarantee compliance with the regulation and obtain a prototype with the highest performance possible in terms of energy efficiency. The total weight was 228kg. 


By regulation he must have a boating license and must not be tied to the boat in any way, in fact even seat belts are not allowed. The cockpit by regulation must be equipped with high visibility tape to reflect sunlight.