Our team

Our team is divided into different categories depending on the roles performed. Each group has its team leader who coordinates and manages all the participants. In particular we have: 

Team Amministrazion

He takes care of the entire administration of the project.

Team Logistics

He is responsible for managing the internal archive documents, the movements of the Team and the vessel and the procurement of materials for the construction of the vessel.

Team Communication & Marketing

He takes care of the creation of multimedia content, social media management, budget management of the entire project and communication with sponsors.

Team Design

It deals with the design of an efficient and eco-sustainable vessel.

Team Propulsion & Data Analisys

It deals with the design of a propulsion system with zero CO2 emissions.

Team MEB 2022-2023

Team MEB 2023-2024

Team Amministrazion

Vincenzo Crupi

Project Supervisor

Pasqualino Corigliano

Professor Stnav Degree

Gabriella Epasto

Professor Stnav Degree

Giuseppe Brando

Team Manager/Leader

Email: giuseppe.brando@studenti.unime.it

He is the main contact with the organization, the one who takes responsibility for the team and the project.


Giovanni Briguglio 

Team Liason

Email: gibriguglio@unime.it

He communicates with the pilot during sea trials and is the direct interlocutor with the technical committee during technical inspections.

Team Logistics

Claudio Alacqua

Team Leader Logistics 


Michela Michelizzi

Artur Leone

Pierfrancesco Muscarà

Team Communication & Marketing

Angelica Sparacino

Team Leader Communication & Marketing


Marco Brillante

Web Developer

Antonio Piras

Gabriele Carmelo Filloramo

Giuseppe Nicotina

Salvatore Sciuto 

Team Design 

Gabriele Cama

Team Leader Design


Daniele Rizzo

Supervisor Cockpit

Fabio Di Stefano

Supervisor Cockpit

Vittorio Geraci

Enrico Maria Orfanò

Gabriele Barraco

Salvatore Novara

Bartolomeo Antonino Messina

Gabriele Giaimo

Gianluca Gabra

Gioacchino Aragona

Pietro La Sala

Antonio Minutolo


Gabriele Valenti

Joshua Zaminga

Mario Gimondo

Matteo Cassiano

Team Propulsion & Data Analisys

Marco Pavan

Team Leader Propulsion & Data Analisys

Gioele Baia

Supervisor Propulsion and Data Analisys

Federica Cacciola

Anna Crisafulli

Cristina Barone

Giuseppe Primerano

Sebastiano Scrofalo


Emanuele Crisafulli

Alessandro Raffa


Yeniyan Shifa



Gabriele Barraco