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From 1 to 6 July, the 11th edition of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (MEBC), a prestigious international event dedicated to finding sustainable energy solutions for the maritime sector, was held in the Principality of Monaco. Among the participants, the Messina Energy Boat (MEB) team proudly represented the only team from central-southern Italy, competing in the prestigious 'Energy Class' category, in which the projects of 21 teams from all over the world had been selected, but only 18 teams from 11 different countries (Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, Great Britain, Portugal, Germany, Chile, Canada, Indonesia, India) managed to participate in the MEBC 2024 competition.

The event, promoted by the Yacht Club of Monaco, challenges university teams from all parts of the world to design a cockpit and propulsion system using only zero-emission energy sources and environmentally sustainable materials, supplying them with the boat's hull. This approach reflects the Yacht Club's motto: 'new technologies for a better world'.

The Messina Energy Boat team, coordinated by Prof. Vincenzo Crupi, lecturer at the University of Messina's Department of Engineering and coordinator of the degree course in 'Science and Technology of Navigation', is made up of PhD students, research fellows, lecturers and mainly students from the Peloritano University. 

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In the following file you can read a summary about the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024.

Presentation of our Team and of the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge competition.

We, the Messina Energy Boat team, are happy and proud to inform you that we have been admitted to the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge for the second time in a row, in the "Energy Class" category!

Furthermore, we will continue to represent central/southern Italy, considering that we are the only University from this area to participate in this international competition!

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The Guglielmino boat that competed to the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2024

Tech talks

Design prize: This prestigious award recognizes outstanding boat design that not only demonstrates engineering excellence but also captivate with their aesthetic brilliance. 

Eco Conception Prize: a distinguished recognition that places a spotlight on sustainability and environmental responsibility. This prestigious award acknowledges initiatives that prioritize eco-conscious design by incorporating comprehensive life cycle assessments. By evaluating a product or project from its inception to disposal, the Eco Conception Prize aims to honor and promote innovations that minimize environmental impact throughout their entire life cycle.


In the final ranking, which takes into account the results obtained in all races, the MEB team finished in 5th place, improving on its 7th position from the previous year.

Championship Race: a knockout challenge between two boats. The 'Guglielmino' boat beat the Sea Sakthi team (India), the Wannsea team (Germany) and the Physis Polimi Energy Boat team (Milan, Italy) in direct challenges. In this race, the MEB team came 5th.

Endurance Race: in which the boats have to cover the most laps on a 1 nautical mile course in 4 hours, and the MEB team came 6th

Qualifying Laps: which involves a closed course of 0.5 nautical miles to be completed in the shortest possible time, and the MEB team came 7th

Slalom Race: a manoeuvrability and speed test on a slalom course between the 6 buoys, and the MEB team came in 3rd place.

Speed record: a test on a straight 1 km course at maximum boat speed, the MEB team placed 6th

The team present in Monte Carlo was composed of the following members: prof. Vincenzo Crupi (Faculty Advisor), prof. Gabriella Epasto (Vice-Faculty Advisor), Giuseppe Brando (Team Leader), Giovanni Briguglio (Team Liaison), Gabriele Barraco (Pilot), Daniele Rizzo (Design Group), Fabio Distefano (Design Group), Gabriele Cama (Design Group), Marco Pavan (Design Group), Davide Saraniti (Data Transmission Group), Giuseppe Primerano (Data Transmission Group), Angelica Sparacino (Communication Group), Francesca Maria Larosa (Communication Group), Federica Cacciola (Communication Group), Claudio Alacqua (Propulsion Group), Gabriele Filloramo (Propulsion Group), Filippo Rossini (Propulsion Group), Vittorio Geraci (Wheelhouse Group) and Enrico Orfanò (Wheelhouse Group). In addition, during the competition week, Rocco Finocchiaro, CEO of the Messina shipyard 'Zancle 757 Yacht Village', main sponsor of the MEB team, was present to support and help the team.

The Messina Energy Boat team is proud to have worthily represented the University of Messina in an international competition, improving on the result achieved the previous year, and is committed to making steady progress in future years. The MEB team's objective is the promotion in the Metropolitan City of Messina and the Strait area of the 'culture of the sea' with a focus on sustainability and innovations in the maritime sector.

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