Main partner

We are thrilled to announce that Messina Energy Boat (MEB) team has forged a partnership with Zancle 757 Yacht Village, who will serve as our main partner. Zancle 757 Yacht Village's support will be instrumental in guiding and bolstering us throughout the project's development stages and during competition. Together, we are poised to achieve great success.

Zancle 757 Yacht Village

The brainchild of Rocco Finocchiaro, Zancle 757 Yacht Village, represents an unrivalled reality in the large yacht refitting sector. Its name is inspired by the ancient designation of the splendid city that hosts it and which throughout history has represented one of the safest natural harbours in the world and, above all, the vital point of navigation in the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the collaboration with the Agency for Industry and Defence (A.I.D), Zancle 757 Yacht Village is competent with offering the highest level of technical infrastructures and renowned specific services for the crew, to which are added, creating a winning mix, the constant vocation for professionalism, attention to details and the guarantee of refined quality standards.

Address: Via S. Raineri, 98122 Messina ME, Italy
Phone: Number: 090 914 6240

Zancle 757 Yacht Village for Messina Energy Boat 

Zancle 757 Yacht Village has chosen to support our project because of its innovative and modern approach. The emphasis on the avant-garde and the search for innovative solutions for the future of the nautical sector were the main reasons for this agreement. Our partner, who has always been committed to finding advanced solutions for the industry, believed in our ideas and our project. Zancle 757 Yacht Village will provide us with its knowledge and professionalism to support us in the various stages of the project, including the logistical aspects and the construction of the boat.

The team is honored of this agreement, which confirms the progress we have made so far. Working with a prestigious company such as Zancle 757 Yacht Village is a source of great pride for us team members, as it underlines the recognition of the efforts made to create a high performance and environmentally friendly boat.

Project Collaborators