Eureka! Funziona second visit


The members of Team Messina Energy Boat are always active! 💪🏼
Recently, some team members visited the secondary schools involved in the "Eureka Funziona" project, promoted by Sicindustria. Among the schools were included: Comprehensive Institute "San Francesco di Paola", I.C. "Vittorini-Messina", 
Comprehensive Institute "Pascoli-Crispi", and 
Comprehensive Institute "Salvo d'Acquisto", all of them in the city of Messina.

The purpose of the "Eureka Funziona" project is to support students in finding technical and practical solutions for the design and construction of thier own toy which must have, at least, one moving part. However, that is not the only goal: Sicindustria aims to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation, and action among the students, who got the opportunity to showcase their creativity, talent, and vocation. Members of the Messina Energy Boat team walked with the students on their journey, answering the little inventors' questions and helping them reflect on the technical solutions to be adopted.